Legal Consultation on Breastfeeding Complications Resulting in Disability

    Unfortunately, serious starvation-related complications occur routinely among infants who undergo the Baby-Friendly exclusive breastfeeding protocol, namely excessive jaundice, excessive weight loss, dehydration, hypernatremia and hypoglycemia. These complications make up the leading causes of extended and repeat hospitalizations of healthy, term newborns. These complications not only result in the need for phototherapy, intravenous fluids, dextrose and rescue supplementation, but they can result in infant brain injury and life-long disabilities. We would like to help your family protect your baby's future. Fill out the form below for free legal consultation.

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    I would like to get legal advice on the following insufficient breastfeeding complications:
    Jaundice/HyperbilirubinemiaHypoglycemiaExcessive Weight Loss >7-10%Hypernatremia > 145 mEq/LDehydrationCardiac Arrest/Stopped Breathing

    My child currently has the following disabilities:
    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Intellectual DisabilitySpeech/Language ImpairmentVisual ImpairmentSensory Processing DisorderFine or Gross Motor ImpairmentSocial/Behavioral ImpairmentSeizure DisorderWheelchair-BoundDied

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