One-on-One Online Consultation with Jody Segrave-Daly, RN, IBCLC

We are proud to offer the services of one of the most experienced, compassionate and skilled registered nurse, lactation consultants in the field, Fed is Best Foundation Co-Founder, Jody Segrave-Daly, RN, IBCLC. She has spent over 30 years caring for newborn babies as a newborn nursery and NICU nurse and international board certified lactation consultant. Her priority if safe, judgement-free, evidence-based infant support for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, combination-feeding and tube-feeding families. She is dedicated to ensuring that all babies, moms and the entire family thrives and that no child suffers from complications due to insufficient feeding. Through her one-on-one live video-conference consultation, she can provide the following:

  • Pre-birth consultation with mom on feeding plans, risk factor assessment, breastfeeding technique and education on every form of infant feeding
  • Urgent consultation during the immediate post-birth period to address  problems with latch, positioning, efficacy of breastfeeding technique and breast milk supply problems
  • Ongoing support for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and combination feeding to ensure safe and sufficient feeding
  • Appropriate urgent and emergent referrals to the pediatrician or hospital

To sign up for an Infant Feeding Consultation with Jody, please select a package below.

Infant feeding consults are $1 per minute. Parents purchasing the two-week package have unlimited support during the two-week time period including daily check-ins. These packages can be purchased as a gift certificate as well.

Duration of Consultation