Fed is Best Video Messages

The Fed is Best message has gotten out and moms all over the world feel the support of our Foundation and other moms who support Fed is Best. We hope to change the world of infant feeding one mom and baby at at time. Here are wonderful messages from other parents!

Disclaimer: YouTube videos are often preceded by commercial ads selected by YouTube, which are not endorsed by the Fed is Best Foundation.

From Amanda Muse: Fed is Best

Amanda Muse, mom and video blogger discussing how she feels about moms supporting moms, supporting moms going through Post-Partum Depression and Florence Leung’s suicide death over breastfeeding and supporting mothers knowing what is best for their children and their families. Fed is Best.

From Paige Ballard: Breastfeeding Trauma, Baby Went Hungry for 2 Days in the Hospital

Paige Ballard talking about her baby going 2 days going hungry from insufficient breast milk intake while constantly breastfeeding in the hospital and being shamed by her health provider.