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The Fed is Best Foundation has reached millions of families and health professionals and has received wide media attention in the process. Through our outreach, we hope to teach everyone about safe infant feeding and change the standard of care to protect all babies from accidental starvation. Here are some highlights of the Fed is Best Foundation in the news…

Fed is Best Foundation on the Doctors Show



Jillian Johnson and the Fed is Best Foundation on the Doctors Show

By The Doctors Staff on 12:00 AM PT, May 9, 2017 Just days after the birth of their first baby, Jared and Jillian were devastated by tragedy — a tragedy that Jillian says was completely preventable. The couple spent the months of pregnancy preparing for baby Landon’s arrival. Jillian took breastfeeding classes because she had […]

From Slate Magazine: Why “Fed Is Best” Is Better Than “Breast Is Best”

By Elissa Strauss Sept. 29 2016 4:46 PM So much better than letting their baby go hungry.Thinkstock/Milatas The “breast is best” ideology is so ubiquitous, so sneakily persuasive, that even those determined to remain open-minded to feeding options are overcome with guilt and panic when they press that first bottle of formula against their newborn’s […]

From Grounded Parents: When Lactivism Kills by Steph Monty

 Steph — January 26, 2017 Recently, there have been so many sad, infuriating, and heartbreaking stories in the media that it’s hard to keep up. Surprisingly, the ones that are hitting me the hardest are not about politics. As a pregnant person, who is literally about to give birth to my third child, the stories […]

From the New Scientist: Why Overzealous Breastfeeding Advice Can Be Bad for Babies

By Clare Wilson 9 March 2017 “Breast is best”. This well-known slogan is meant to convey that babies should be fed exclusively with breast milk. The mantra is so ubiquitous it is widely assumed to be uncontroversial – even though many of the tenets of breastfeeding ideology are in fact contested. While few would deny […]

From 5 Reasons Breastfeeding Isn’t Actually Free

Kavin Senapathy,  Contributor “I expose quackery and bust myths on health, food and science.” Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Tweet This “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” …Possibility of starvation The heartbreaking viral story of Landon, who died of cardiac arrest from dehydration after his mom and dad didn’t realize he wasn’t […]

From the Inquisitr: Breastfed Baby Dies from Starvation – Mother Shares Her Story

By Taylor Rios March 3, 2017 Breastfeeding is best. Everyone has heard those words and when pregnant, most expectant mothers plan on nursing their children. However, it isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, one mother found out too late that her son was not getting nourished. Five years later, Jillian Johnson shares her tragic story of how […]

From More Moms Speak Out About the Pressure to Exclusively Breastfeed in #FedIsBest Movement: ‘I Was Ashamed to Ask for Formula’

By Lindsay Kimble Posted on March 16, 2017 at 1:42pm EDT More and more new moms are speaking out about the pressure they felt to exclusively breastfeed after giving birth through the non-profit organization Fed Is Best – which, earlier this month, shared the heartbreaking story of 19-day-old baby Landon, who died from accidental starvation. In a […]

From CNN: Study Shows No Long-Term Cognitive Benefit to Breastfeeding

By Nadia Kounang Updated 9:11 PM ET, Mon March 27, 2017 …Short-term benefits “I think [the study] fits well in the body of literature that long-term benefits of breastfeeding look a whole lot smaller or non-existent if you properly control for your confounding variables,” said Dr. Brooke Orosz, a professor of mathematics at Essex County […]


‘If I Had Given Him Just One Bottle, He’d Still Be Alive’ – by marie claire Five years ago Jillian Johnson welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world via an emergency c-section. After around two hours, little Landon had latched perfectly onto his mother’s breast and began breastfeeding. Everything seemed normal. “Jarrod and I wanted […]


By BETH VARGAS Update Date: Mar 13, 2017 07:01 AM EDT For nearly three decades, breastfeeding has been promoted in the United States especially in “baby-friendly” hospitals. Breastfeeding became the norm because of the many health benefits associated with it, which include lower rates of diabetes, infections, diarrhea and Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Last year, one […]

From Romper: 11 Ways To Respond To Moms Who Shame You For Formula Feeding

by Steph Montgomery April 12, 2017 Formula was never part of my plans, so I felt cheated by my undersupply. However, now that I’ve seen my babies thrive on formula, I seriously love it. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced all kinds of shaming for formula feeding from other moms, from subtle comments about “breast is best” or […]

From New York Post: Is the breast milk-only mandate putting babies in danger?

By Anna Davies April 24, 2017 | 2:59pm Cassie Mascari and her husband were frantic. In the three days since her birth, their daughter, Eliza, had been having trouble breast-feeding and was crying nonstop. They raced her to the emergency room, where they received shocking news: Their baby was starving. Mascari, 35, was heartbroken that […]

From the Daily Telegraph: Breast is best? No, FED is best

Lisa Mayoh February 1, 2017 8:11pm Can you imagine denying a new mother what she needs to feed her baby? I can’t. But that’s exactly what’s happening as “breast is best” is pushed on stressed women in maternity wards across the country. It happened to a friend of mine in Sydney only a few weeks […]

From Daily Mail: ‘FED is best – not breast!’ Mom pens furious open letter to the woman who reproached her in Target for buying formula instead of breastfeeding her baby

By Valerie Siebert For PUBLISHED: 19:59 EDT, 19 April 2016 | UPDATED: 20:55 EDT, 19 April 2016 A mom’s heartbreaking open letter to a stranger who approached her in a Target store has gained her internet fame. Gainesville, Florida, mom Annie Ferguson Muscato was buying baby formula for her two-monthold  daughter Ellie Jo at […]

From Romper: 18 Times “Breast Is Best” Just Isn’t Even Remotely True

By Steph Montgomery Jan 12 2017 Most in today’s “mom culture” believe” breast is best” when it comes to feeding babies. What does “breast is best” even mean? “Best” is not a medical term, and it’s not something that we can measure (at least not at an individual level). When you consider the exceptions and […]

From Baby Center: When breastfeeding doesn’t work out like you planned

Denise Cortes posted: January 12, 2017, 1:03 am Breastfeeding my babies was really important to me. It meant so much to me to have that unbreakable bond, to nurture my sweet babe at my breast, to have him drink the natural, healthy milk that was made just for him. I knew so many breastfeeding moms […]

From Romper: The Pressure To Breastfeed Made Me Want To Die

By Steph Montgomery Jan 24 2017 It seems like the phrase, “breast is best” is everywhere. I am currently pregnant with my third baby, and I see it at the OB-GYN’s office, on my pregnancy app, in magazines, on social media, and even on cans of formula. As a mom, public health professional, and infant-feeding […]

From the Chronicle: Breast is not best: Feeding your baby is best

Lisa Mayoh | 3rd Feb 2017 5:17 AM …Can we agree that yes, breast is best – but a happy baby is better. Fed is Best is a new US-based movement that supports women to feed their babies, however is best for them, to prevent complications for babies who don’t get enough breast milk. Conditions […]

From Practical Parenting: Mum Promotes Safe Breastfeeding After Accidentally Starving Baby

She hopes her story helps other mums out there. – by Livia Gamble A mother has shared her heartbreaking story to help promote safe breastfeeding. Fed Is Best shared mum Alex Morey’s story on their Facebook page to help prevent “unintended, accidental starvation from exclusive breastfeeding.” Feeding her son every 45 minutes, Ralph was shocked at […]

From Romper: The Pressure To Breastfeed Is So Damn Ridiculous

By Allison Cooper I can still recall the very second that I gave up breastfeeding. I was about five weeks postpartum and doing everything I could still to make breastfeeding work. I had a breast reduction when I was 17, making breastfeeding extra difficult for me since my milk ducts were removed during the procedure […]

From Kids Safety Network: Mother Who Almost Starved Baby To Death Speaks Out

By Hayley Malan February 12, 2017 Having a baby places a huge responsibility on a parent. Baby cannot eat or move without your help and completely reliant on you to survive. It’s something that does not come naturally to everyone immediately and there are they may be some complications after the birth of your child […]

From the BBC: Are There Downsides to ‘Breast is Best’?

Breastfeeding has many benefits, but some campaigners argue that health policies to encourage the practice could be placing potentially harmful pressures on mothers. Clare Wilson looks at what the evidence says. By Clare Wilson 3 May 2017 As the birth of her first baby drew near, Suzanne Barston was determined to do everything right – […]

In Chinese Television: 新手媽親餵母乳 竟害寶寶脫水死亡

2017/05/13 17:15 蘇雋凱 綜合報導  / 英國 親餵母乳,被醫學界認為是「最佳的育嬰方法」,但親餵還是有風險存在! 美國加州新手媽媽強森(Jillian Johnson)餵哺第一胎長子蘭登(Landon)時,渾然不知自己奶水不足,寶寶僅活了19天就逝世,讓她悲痛自責不已。 根據英國《每日郵報》報導,強森近日上電視台節目《The Doctor》講述這段育嬰經驗,呼籲新手爸媽們要注意這件事的嚴重性。 2012年,她與丈夫滿心歡喜地迎接蘭登誕生,寶寶出生後不久病得非常嚴重,送醫搶救後,強森才得知,兒子病情會加劇,竟是自己沒有足夠奶水餵飽兒子,造成兒子出世後第19天因脫水夭折。 给医生和家长们的一封信 ——关于母乳喂养不足的危害给医生和家长们的一封信-关于母乳喂养不足的/

From BabyCenter: This mom’s story should end the breastfeeding vs formula debate

Carolyn Robertson posted: February 16, 2017, 11:26 am Call it a labor of love. Mom-of-two Ashley Clifford recently shared a photo on Instagram that has gotten a lot of attention. The sweet snap shows Ashley’s 5-month-old daughter Ellie surrounded by bags and bags and bags of breast milk that the nursing mom plans to donate. […]


POSTED ON MAY 15, 2017 Vanessa + Melissa are Vanessa Rempel and Melissa Shadd. The duo dish on all things motherhood — and aren’t shy about letting their opinions be heard. We recently chatted with Vanessa about mom guilt, their support of the ‘Fed is Best’ movement, and some pearls of wisdom for new moms… What does ‘fed […]

From Baby Cues Nurture with Nature: Fed Is Best

Author Philippa Murphy 13 May 2017 You may have heard the expression ‘Breast is Best’. In fact if you are a mother, you can’t help but hear that mantra. Well, now there is a new mantra on the block, which I am personally thrilled about – ‘Fed is Best.’ While I am a strong advocate […]

In Hong Kong News: 奶水不足以為餵飽 B仔脫水監生餓死

「我餓死了我的孩子。」餵哺母乳普遍被視為最佳的育嬰方法,但美國加州新手媽媽約翰遜(Jillian Johnson)餵哺初生長子蘭登(Landon)時,渾然不知自己奶水不足,成為孩子的催命符,寶寶僅活了19天就逝世了。 約翰遜近日亮相電視台節目《The Doctor》,剖白這段令她悔恨又悲痛的育嬰經驗。2012年,她與丈夫滿心歡喜地迎接蘭登誕生,惟他出生後不久即病得非常嚴重,把他送院搶救後,約翰遜才赫然得悉自己根本沒有足夠人奶餵飽兒子,可惜為時已晚,蘭登在出世後第19天因脫水夭折。 約翰遜為此懊悔不已,「失去這個孩子後,原本的人生一去不復返,我內心被淘空一大片」,鑄成大錯全因她對「餵哺母乳是對孩子最好選擇」這個信念太過堅定不移,「他的死是100%可避免,他之所以離世,沒有別的原因,只因為我們失敗」,「只要我給他一瓶奶,他會活到今天」。 给医生和家长们的一封信 ——关于母乳喂养不足的危害给医生和家长们的一封信-关于母乳喂养不足的/  

From Scary Mommy: Mom’s Bottle Feeding Selfie Reminds Us That Fed Is Best

by Megan Zander As moms we worry constantly over whether we’re making the right choices for our children, and we fear judgment from other parents who don’t agree with us. The decision to breastfeed versus bottle feed is one of these major decisions that parents agonize over, and it seems that everyone has a strong […]

From Romper: The Pressure To Breastfeed Is Putting New Moms At Risk

By Mary Sauer, Jun 2, 2017 When Carlene Allen, 24, became pregnant with her second baby, she planned to do everything the “right” way, as she put it. She did her research, listening to podcasts on unmedicated childbirth and breastfeeding. After her daughter was born, she seemed to latch well, and Allen told Romper she […]

From Breast milk vs. formula: What do the studies really tell us?

Updated: APRIL 20, 2016 — 4:00 AM EDT by Emiliano Tatar, M.D., Pediatrician at Einstein Healthcare Network Roxborough Plaz Part II of a Dr. Tatar’s analysis of the data on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. …What we know today about breast feeding is based on many studies, but almost all those studies suffer from significant flaws. […]

From Does breast milk really provide more benefit over formula?

Updated: MARCH 3, 2016 — 4:00 AM EST by Emiliano Tatar, M.D., Pediatrician at Einstein Healthcare Network Roxborough Plaza Part I of a two-part analysis on the data on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. …Overall, breastfeeding is a difficult topic to study. Economist Emily Oster, who has written about studies on breastfeeding says, “Maternal IQ is […]

In Brazilian News: O desabafo de uma mãe cujo filho morreu porque não tinha leite

A morte de Landon ocorreu há cinco anos, mas só agora a mãe teve coragem de falar publicamente sobre o sucedido, aproveitando para deixar conselhos a outras mães. Jilian Johnson estava radiante com o nascimento do primeiro filho. Estávamos em 2012 e esta mãe de ‘primeira viagem’ preparou-se a rigor para a ocasião. Na companhia do […]

In Indonesian News: Bayi Menangis Terus Menerus, Ibu Ini Tak Sadar Anaknya Mengalami Dehidrasi yang Berujung Kematian!

Sabtu, 4 Maret 2017 11:16 Laporan Wartawan, Tiara Shelavie TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Seorang ibu asal California membagikan pengalaman bagaimana bayinya yang baru lahir perlahan meninggal kelaparan meskipun sang ibu telah menyusui anaknya secara teratur. Dilansir dari, Landon Johnson baru berusia empat hari ketika ia mengalami gagal jantung dikarenakan dehidrasi parah. Hal ini tetap terjadi […]

In Polish News: Zagłodziła dziecko przez przypadek. Ostrzega inne mamy

8 mar, 2017 22:01 Pod koniec lutego Landon skończyłby 5 latek. Jego mama dopiero teraz postanowiła się otworzyć i opowiedzieć całemu światu swoją straszną i przeraźliwie smutną historię. Historię o tym, jak po 19 dniach od porodu przypadkowo zagłodziła własne dziecko. Teraz Jillian ostrzega inne mamy przed popełnieniem tego samego błędu. Jillian Johnson z Kalifornii […]

In Dutch News: Moeder beweert dat baby stierf door gebrek aan borstvoeding

02 maart 2017 04:54 Borstvoeding is beter dan de fles, dat is wat moeders te horen krijgen van experts. Maar als een vrouw niet genoeg borstvoeding produceert, is bijvoeden met een fles noodzakelijk. Een Amerikaanse vrouw zegt dat ze haar zoon verloor, omdat haar zorgverleners haar dat niet vertelden. Vijf jaar geleden werd baby Landon […]

From Romper: 12 Reasons Why I Blamed Myself For Having Undersupply

By Steph Montgomery, March, 2017 In an effort to promote exclusive breastfeeding as the optimal way to feed babies, we seem to have forgotten that it’s not always easy or even possible for some people to do it. Unfortunately, in our “breast is best” culture, we hear a lot about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, […]

From 5 Things Parents Shouldn’t Worry About

Kavin Senapathy ,   CONTRIBUTOR I discuss common myths on health, food, science and parenting. TWEET THIS Let’s explore a few things not to lose sleep over Though most pediatricians agree that breastfeeding is beneficial and worth pursuing, parents of full-term infants in the developed world with access to safe drinking water shouldn’t beat themselves up […]

In Indonesian News: Di AS Masih Ada Bayi Meninggal Akibat Dehidrasi

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017 | 18:39 WIB CALIFORNIA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Pasangan Suami Istri, Jillian Johnson dan Jarrod yang berasal dari California, Amerika Serikat, harus merelakan buah hatinya yang bernama Landon Johnson yang baru berusia empat hari untuk meninggal dunia. Penyebab dari kematian Landon sendiri sangatlah mengenaskan, yakni karena gagal jantung akibat mengalami dehidrasi parah. Jillian […]