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The Fed is Best Foundation has reached millions of families and health professionals and has received wide media attention in the process. Through our outreach, we hope to teach everyone about safe infant feeding and change the standard of care to protect all babies from accidental starvation. Here are some highlights of the Fed is Best Foundation in the news…

From the Daily Telegraph: Breast is best? No, FED is best

Lisa Mayoh February 1, 2017 8:11pm Can you imagine denying a new mother what she needs to feed her baby? I can’t. But that’s exactly what’s happening as “breast is best” is pushed on stressed women in maternity wards across the country. It happened to a friend of mine in Sydney only a few weeks […]

From Daily Mail: ‘FED is best – not breast!’ Mom pens furious open letter to the woman who reproached her in Target for buying formula instead of breastfeeding her baby

By Valerie Siebert For PUBLISHED: 19:59 EDT, 19 April 2016 | UPDATED: 20:55 EDT, 19 April 2016 A mom’s heartbreaking open letter to a stranger who approached her in a Target store has gained her internet fame. Gainesville, Florida, mom Annie Ferguson Muscato was buying baby formula for her two-monthold  daughter Ellie Jo at […]

From Baby Center: When breastfeeding doesn’t work out like you planned

Denise Cortes posted: January 12, 2017, 1:03 am Breastfeeding my babies was really important to me. It meant so much to me to have that unbreakable bond, to nurture my sweet babe at my breast, to have him drink the natural, healthy milk that was made just for him. I knew so many breastfeeding moms […]

From the Chronicle: Breast is not best: Feeding your baby is best

Lisa Mayoh | 3rd Feb 2017 5:17 AM …Can we agree that yes, breast is best – but a happy baby is better. Fed is Best is a new US-based movement that supports women to feed their babies, however is best for them, to prevent complications for babies who don’t get enough breast milk. Conditions […]

From Slate Magazine: Why “Fed Is Best” Is Better Than “Breast Is Best”

By Elissa Strauss Sept. 29 2016 4:46 PM So much better than letting their baby go hungry.Thinkstock/Milatas The “breast is best” ideology is so ubiquitous, so sneakily persuasive, that even those determined to remain open-minded to feeding options are overcome with guilt and panic when they press that first bottle of formula against their newborn’s […]

From Grounded Parents: When Lactivism Kills by Steph Monty

 Steph — January 26, 2017 Recently, there have been so many sad, infuriating, and heartbreaking stories in the media that it’s hard to keep up. Surprisingly, the ones that are hitting me the hardest are not about politics. As a pregnant person, who is literally about to give birth to my third child, the stories […]

From the New Scientist: Why Overzealous Breastfeeding Advice Can Be Bad for Babies

By Clare Wilson 9 March 2017 “Breast is best”. This well-known slogan is meant to convey that babies should be fed exclusively with breast milk. The mantra is so ubiquitous it is widely assumed to be uncontroversial – even though many of the tenets of breastfeeding ideology are in fact contested. While few would deny […]

From 5 Reasons Breastfeeding Isn’t Actually Free

Kavin Senapathy,  Contributor “I expose quackery and bust myths on health, food and science.” Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Tweet This “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” …Possibility of starvation The heartbreaking viral story of Landon, who died of cardiac arrest from dehydration after his mom and dad didn’t realize he wasn’t […]

From the Inquisitr: Breastfed Baby Dies from Starvation – Mother Shares Her Story

By Taylor Rios March 3, 2017 Breastfeeding is best. Everyone has heard those words and when pregnant, most expectant mothers plan on nursing their children. However, it isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, one mother found out too late that her son was not getting nourished. Five years later, Jillian Johnson shares her tragic story of how […]

From More Moms Speak Out About the Pressure to Exclusively Breastfeed in #FedIsBest Movement: ‘I Was Ashamed to Ask for Formula’

By Lindsay Kimble Posted on March 16, 2017 at 1:42pm EDT More and more new moms are speaking out about the pressure they felt to exclusively breastfeed after giving birth through the non-profit organization Fed Is Best – which, earlier this month, shared the heartbreaking story of 19-day-old baby Landon, who died from accidental starvation. In a […]

From CNN: Study Shows No Long-Term Cognitive Benefit to Breastfeeding

By Nadia Kounang Updated 9:11 PM ET, Mon March 27, 2017 …Short-term benefits “I think [the study] fits well in the body of literature that long-term benefits of breastfeeding look a whole lot smaller or non-existent if you properly control for your confounding variables,” said Dr. Brooke Orosz, a professor of mathematics at Essex County […]


‘If I Had Given Him Just One Bottle, He’d Still Be Alive’ – by marie claire Five years ago Jillian Johnson welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world via an emergency c-section. After around two hours, little Landon had latched perfectly onto his mother’s breast and began breastfeeding. Everything seemed normal. “Jarrod and I wanted […]


By BETH VARGAS Update Date: Mar 13, 2017 07:01 AM EDT For nearly three decades, breastfeeding has been promoted in the United States especially in “baby-friendly” hospitals. Breastfeeding became the norm because of the many health benefits associated with it, which include lower rates of diabetes, infections, diarrhea and Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Last year, one […]

From Romper: 11 Ways To Respond To Moms Who Shame You For Formula Feeding

by Steph Montgomery April 12, 2017 Formula was never part of my plans, so I felt cheated by my undersupply. However, now that I’ve seen my babies thrive on formula, I seriously love it. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced all kinds of shaming for formula feeding from other moms, from subtle comments about “breast is best” or […]

From Practical Parenting: Mum Promotes Safe Breastfeeding After Accidentally Starving Baby

She hopes her story helps other mums out there. – by Livia Gamble A mother has shared her heartbreaking story to help promote safe breastfeeding. Fed Is Best shared mum Alex Morey’s story on their Facebook page to help prevent “unintended, accidental starvation from exclusive breastfeeding.” Feeding her son every 45 minutes, Ralph was shocked at […]

From Kids Safety Network: Mother Who Almost Starved Baby To Death Speaks Out

By Hayley Malan February 12, 2017 Having a baby places a huge responsibility on a parent. Baby cannot eat or move without your help and completely reliant on you to survive. It’s something that does not come naturally to everyone immediately and there are they may be some complications after the birth of your child […]