From USAToday: Breastfeeding mom didn’t know she was starving her baby to death

(NEWSER) – Jillian Johnson wishes a happy 5th birthday to her “sweet boy” Landon in a blog post at Fed Is Best — a post in which she publicly opens up for the first time about his death to accidental starvation at 19 days old.

“If I had given him just one bottle, he would still be alive,” Johnson writes, sharing a story that she hopes will prevent another family from suffering her fate.

Yahoo Be reports that Landon was born via C-section on Feb. 25, 2012, in a “baby-friendly” hospital in which breastfeeding was highly emphasized, so much so is that a doctor would need to write a prescription in order to obtain formula. And so her 7 lb., 7 ounce baby was exclusively breastfed — constantly.