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The Fed Is Best Foundation is dedicated to supporting and educating mothers, families, and clinicians on safe, clinically-effective infant feeding protocols, and to preventing infant starvation as a result of current well-intended but rigid breastfeeding protocols.

Today we ask you to help us. We need your help, and we need your vote.

Policies are intended to protect the people that they serve, and many times they do. However, when they don’t, it is our duty to raise our voice, and raise our cause. Clinically safe feeding practices come in a variety of forms, and we believe all mothers should have access to these options. We believe mothers shouldn’t be shamed and babies shouldn’t go hungry, simply because breast milk isn’t always a viable option.

Help us reach our policymakers, and drive change at a global level. Help us stand up for the lives of millions of infants who deserve a fighting chance.   Sign the Fed is Best Petition at today, and share it with others. While we can make a difference, you can help us make a greater change – because Fed Is Best!

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*Please note: to the doctors, nurses, allied healthcare providers and lactation consultants signing the petition, please indicate your credentials upon signing (e.g. M.D., R.N)

Read stories from parents and health professionals about infants being harmed by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and the pressure to exclusively breastfeed!

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