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Thank you for being so interested in the Fed is Best Foundation!

Our mission statement is:

The Fed Is Best Foundation works to identify critical gaps in the current breastfeeding protocols, guidelines, and education programs and provides families and health professionals with the most up-to-date scientific research, education, and resources to practice safe infant feeding, with breast milk, formula, or a combination of both.

Above all, we strive to eliminate infant feeding shaming and eliminate preventable hospitalizations for insufficient feeding complications while prioritizing perinatal mental health.


There are many ways you can support the mission of the Fed is Best Foundation. Please consider contributing in the following ways:

    1. If you need infant feeding support, we have a private support groupJoin us here.
    2. Send us your stories by contacting Share with us your successes, your struggles, and everything in between. Every story saves another child from experiencing the same and teaches another mom how to feed her baby safely. Every voice contributes to change.
    3. If you or your baby were harmed from complications of insufficient breastfeeding, please send a message to 
    4. Make a donation to the Fed is Best Foundation. We are using funds from donations to cover the cost of our website, our social media ads, and our printing and mailing costs to reach health providers and hospitals. We do not accept donations from breast- or formula-feeding companies, and 100% of your donations go toward these operational costs. All of the Foundation’s work is achieved via its supporters’ pro bono and volunteer work.
    5. Sign our petition!  Help us reach our policymakers and drive change at a global level. Help us stand up for the lives of millions of infants who deserve a fighting chance.   Sign the Fed is Best Petition at  today and share it with others.
    6. Share the stories and the message of the Fed is Best Foundation through word-of-mouth by posting on your social media page and by sending our FREE infant feeding educational resources to expectant moms. Share the Fed is Best campaign letter with everyone you know.
    7. Write a letter to your health providers and hospitals about the Fed is Best Foundation. Write to them about feeding complications your child may have experienced.
    8. Print out our letter to obstetric providers and mail it to your local obstetricians, midwives, and family practitioners who provide obstetric care and hospitals.
    9. Write your local elected officials about what is happening to newborn babies in hospitals and ask for the legal protection of newborn babies from underfeeding and for the mother’s rights to honest, informed consent on the risks of insufficient feeding of breastfed babies.
    10. Join us in any Fed is Best volunteer and advocacy groups. Click here to join our group of healthcare professionals.   Please email  if you want to join any of our volunteer groups. 
  • Send us messages of support. We work daily to make infant feeding safe and supportive of every mother and child.  Your messages of support keep us all going. Or simply message us to learn how you can help make a difference with new ideas!

For any urgent messages or questions about infant feeding, please do not leave a message on this page, as it will not reach us immediately. Instead, please email

 Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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