Resources For Parents

Welcome to our resources page!

Here you’ll find a variety of materials intended to support you in best feeding your newborn, and some materials to help your clinicians best support you in doing so. Please check back from time to time as we’re working to expand this section to include comprehensive feeding information for all types of feeding plans – breastfeeding, milk bank and formula feeding, bottle, tube, syringe, and cup feeding too.

The road to this point has been long; it began with a letter:

“My name is Christie del Castillo-Hegyi and I am an emergency physician, former NIH scientist, with a background in newborn brain injury research at Brown University, and mother to a 5-year-old child with autism. I am writing you because my child fell victim to newborn jaundice due to insufficient milk intake from delayed milk production in the first days of life. As an expectant mom, I read all the guidelines on breastfeeding my first-born child. Unfortunately, following the guidelines and our pediatrician’s advice resulted in my child going 4 days with absolutely no milk intake requiring ICU care. He was subsequently diagnosed with multiple neuro-developmental disabilities”…(Read More)

From there it became a blog, a Facebook page, a petition and now, an entire Fed Is Best movement.

We’re proud to say that The Fed Is Best Foundation is dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers to make safe feeding choices for their babies! Click below for more information, and please check back from time to time as we’ll be adding information regularly.

Feeding Plan (Downloadable PDF)

The most common reason an exclusively breastfed (EBF)  newborn is rehospitalized is due to problems with insufficient feeding – where the mother’s body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of milk. With current breastfeeding protocols in hospital and clinic settings and the varying needs of infants, it is not always easy for a recovering mother to […]

How To Use A Supplemental Feeding System (Video)

A supplemental feeding system, also known as a supplemental nursing system (SNS) is a simple device that provides a baby with breast milk or formula through a small tube that is attached to the breast with removable tape. It allows a mother to both breastfeed her baby while supplementing her milk.  This both supports sufficient […]

Why Weigh My Baby? (Downloadable PDF)

Why weigh my baby in the first days of life? The most important information an exclusively breastfeeding mother must know is the percent weight loss of her child. In the first days of life, if your baby is fed only colostrum, they will often lose weight. The current guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) […]

Preventing Complications (Videos)

Here you’ll find a series of video presentations dedicated to educating clinicians and parents on various feeding-related complications. Please check back from time to time as we’ll be regularly updating this section with new topics! Newborn Jaundice and dehydration for clinicians La Deshidratación y La Ictericia del Recién Nacido para Médicos, Enfermeras y Consultores Lactancias […]

Guide to Formula Feeding by Dr. Chad Hayes and the American Academy Of Pediatrics

A Brief History of Infant Formula In the beginning, there was breastfeeding…and that was pretty much it. If that didn’t work out, your baby died. Apparently, some people find infant mortality objectionable, so over the past several thousand years, we’ve come up with other solutions. And, given the number of women who died during childbirth, […]

Finger Feeding to Supplement Newborns

Making sure a baby is fed enough calories and fluid to protect their brain and vital organs in the first days of life and beyond is one of our most important jobs as parents and health care providers. One alternative to bottle-feeding is finger-feeding, using a tube and syringe or supplemental feeding system.  This can be done in […]

Power Pumping to Promote Breast Milk Production

Written by Jody Segrave-Daly, RN, IBCLC, The Momivist & Co-Founder of The Fed Is Best Foundation What is power pumping? Power pumping refers to when a breastfeeding mother uses a breast pump to remove as much breast milk as she can in rapid (concentrated) intervals, in an attempt to stimulate her milk supply. The theory […]

Knowing if Your Newborn is HUNGRY and Needs Urgent Evaluation/Supplementation

Complications related to underfeeding of exclusively breastfed newborns are the leading causes of newborn hospitalizations in the world. These complications include jaundice, hypoglycemia and dehydration, all conditions that are prevented with adequate and timely supplementation when breast milk is not enough. Every mother can protect her child from these complications by knowing the signs of […]

WHO Guide on Safe Preparation of Formula or Cow’s Milk for Infants

For many families in the world, when a mother cannot produce sufficient breast milk, her child is at risk of malnutrition and starvation. Even one episode of starvation can compromise a child’s vital organs and brain development irreversibly. The World Health Organization has prepared this guide on SAFE preparation of breast milk substitutes for families […]