From Romper: 9 Things I Wish I’d Known About Power Pumping Way Before I Actually Started


April 7, 2017


As a mom with undersupply caused by insufficient glandular tissue, I was desperate to do anything to increase my supply. I took herbal supplements, an unsafe prescription medication, triple-fed (nurse, pump, supplement, repeat) my baby all day long, and used a supplemental nursing system to feed my daughter formula from a tube taped to my breasts. I wish I’d known about power pumping the first time around, though, because it is seriously awesome.

According to the Fed is Best Foundation, power pumping is when “a mother uses a breast pump to remove as much breast milk as she can in rapid (concentrated) intervals, in an attempt to stimulate her milk supply.” After my son was born, I refused to lose time with my baby by pumping after every feeding, and I couldn’t afford to buy supplements and drugs that didn’t make a huge difference the first time around. So, as a result, I decided to give power pumping a try.