From Romper: The Pressure To Breastfeed Made Me Want To Die


courtesy of Steph Montgomery

It seems like the phrase, “breast is best” is everywhere. I am currently pregnant with my third baby, and I see it at the OB-GYN’s office, on my pregnancy app, in magazines, on social media, and even on cans of formula. As a mom, public health professional, and infant-feeding advocate, you’d think that I’d love how ubiquitous this message is, but I honestly hate it. You see, breast wasn’t best for me or my babies. In fact, the  pressure to breastfeed made me want to die.

On Tuesday, I read a story on Facebook about Florence Leung, a young mother who died last year after she lost her battle with postpartum depression. Two months after her death, her husband, Kim Chen, made a statement on a Facebook page dedicated to her memory and shared more of her story. He encouraged new moms to get help and to not succumb to pressures to breastfeed.

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