From More Moms Speak Out About the Pressure to Exclusively Breastfeed in #FedIsBest Movement: ‘I Was Ashamed to Ask for Formula’


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Baby boy, 1-2 months, drinking milk at feeding bottle, Spain

More and more new moms are speaking out about the pressure they felt to exclusively breastfeed after giving birth through the non-profit organization Fed Is Best – which, earlier this month, shared the heartbreaking story of 19-day-old baby Landon, who died from accidental starvation.

In a new blog post on the organization’s website, one mom wrote that she was unable to produce breast milk after her daughter Ariya’s birth.

“Nothing was coming from pumping or self-expressing,” she wrote. “I was ashamed to ask for formula in the hospital, but I couldn’t hear her scream anymore – it ripped me apart to hear her in pain. I was faced with some resistance when asking for formula, but I insisted they provide it anyway.”

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