From Mirror, UK: ‘She’s not a tiger in a zoo’: Mum’s heartfelt plea to ‘disgusted’ strangers who stare when she tube feeds baby


  • 12:37, 29 APR 2017

Gemma with Remi

Feeding your child is one of the most natural things in the world, the sort of interaction a parent should be able to do without being scrutinised or judged.

Gemma Harris, however, has to constantly cope with people’s stares and comments.

A proud mum of three, Gemma, from Wolverhampton, needs to tube feed her youngest, baby Remi.

Remi is tube fed because whilst being delivered she became stuck in Gemma’s pelvis.

“Because of the stress,” Gemma tells Mirror Online, “she had a heart attack. When she was eventually freed she had to be resuscitated and was starved of oxygen for eight minutes.”

The lack of oxygen means Remi has a condition called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) grade three /severe.

Tube feeding, Gemma explains, saves her life…

…”My main point I want to make about tube feeding is that it’s not the classic argument of bottle vs breast – there are several ways a child can be fed and at the end of the day fed is best.”