From Independent in the UK: You Don’t Have to Breastfeed–8 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Mother

One blogger exposes the not so perfect life of being mum

SARAH YOUNG, @sarah_j_young

A mother-of-three has revealed the things she wished she had known before having children.

Mel Watts, otherwise known as The Modern Mumma, is known for being honest and open about the realities of parenthood.

And on Sunday, she took to Facebook to share a frank post titled, “I wish someone told me”.

Here, she recalled eight things she would have liked to have been reassured about before becoming a mother.

Watts began her post by addressing the much-debated topic of breastfeeding saying, “’I wish I knew that fed is best. That you’ll feel pressured into breast feeding but it’s ok if you don’t like it.

The 8 things Mel Watts wishes she knew before becoming a mother:

  •  I wish I knew that fed is best
  •  I wish I knew that I won’t be rocking my 5+ year old to sleep
  •  I wish I knew that they’ll eventually sleep
  •  I wish I knew that putting them into day care or preschool wouldn’t cause life long issues
  •  I wish I knew I didn’t have to wish they were older
  •  I wish I knew they’d survive off Mac and cheese
  •  I wish I knew that the amount of times I yelled they’d still forgive me
  • I wish I knew that so many women felt the same way I did sometimes

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