From Yahoo Australia: Mum whose baby accidentally starved tells ‘If had given him one bottle, he’d still be alive.’

A brave mum has opened up about her son’s tragic death on would have been his fifth birthday.

Jillian Johnson thought she was doing everything right. She had read all the books and taken all the courses to prepare for the birth of her first child.

She was encouraged to exclusively breastfeed, but just three days into her son Landon’s short life, paramedics were called to her California home and her precious baby boy was put on life support.

Jillian tells Be that she’s telling her heartbreaking story to help other new parents, and in a moving blog post shared by the Fed is Best Foundation, she explains that she and her husband Jarrod had been ingrained with the motto “breast is best” and chose a “baby friendly” hospital – that is, one that encourages breastfeeding – to deliver their baby boy.