From Today: How I Forgave Myself When My Baby Couldn’t Be Exclusively Breastfed

Published on April 14, 2017

Over a few days, my daughter grew increasingly thin. She was long and lean to begin with and I had read on the internet that most breastfed babies are thinner than formula-fed babies. Or were they? Sure, I had read that but as everyone knows, when you’re dramatically sleep-deprived and worried, the internet is not always the best place for answers.

I fed my baby constantly. I was pumping too and desperately trying to get a few ounces at a time into bags to freeze. I kept reading about how other moms were overflowing with breast milk and practically pumping full bottles…

…The doctor told me my daughter was failing to thrive and that I needed to give her formula immediately or she would need to be admitted to the hospital.

I was stunned and devastated. I looked at my husband and literally felt like I had let both him and my daughter down. I had potentially harmed my daughter by being so stubborn about not supplementing…