Daily Milk Calculator for Baby

The following is a tool to help calculate your infant’s daily milk requirement to maintain their body weight plus what they need for growth, whether they are fed breast milk, formula or both. The calculator uses the daily energy requirement of infants published by the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization/ United Nations University (FAO/WHO/UNU) upon which infant and child global feeding recommendations are based.

The calculator assumes a caloric content of 20 kcal/oz for both breast milk or formula. Note that some breast milk will be higher and some will be lower in caloric content. Preterm and medical fragile infants may need special formula or fortified breast milk that contain more calories per ounce, which this tool does not calculate. Infants should almost always be fed on demand according to their hunger and satisfaction cues. Infants should  gain 5-8 oz per week and follow their percentile growth curve on the WHO or CDC growth chart. Please consult with your infant’s physician to confirm that your infant is growing in a healthy manner and receiving adequate nutrition. 

Once solid food is introduced, some of the calories will be offset by the nutrition provided by solid food. 

Infant Milk Calculator