Resources for Clinicians

Welcome to our resource page for clinicians. Here we hope to provide physicians, nurses and lactation professionals evidence-based information on safe breastfeeding, combination feeding and formula-feeding. The most important way we protect infant health and their future potential is by delivering enough calories and fluid to preserve the integrity of the brain and vital organs, the most critical period being the first days of life.  We have developed and collated a variety of resources, educational videos and clinical tools to help health professionals provide safe and ethical education and monitoring of infant feeding in the first days of life and beyond.

  1. Caloric requirement of newborns, infants
  2. Caloric content of colostrum, mature milk, premature milk, formula
  3. Caloric yield of exclusive colostrum feeding
  4. Feeding plan
  5. Weighing plan
  6. Supplemented breastfeeding until full milk production
  7. Safe and Unsafe Laboratory Values
  8. NEWT and weight loss in newborns
  9. Clinical recommendations
  10. HUNGRY
  11. Glucose, bilirubin, electrolyte monitoring
  12. Bilitool
  13. What a hungry newborn looks like
  14. Informed consent form for exclusive breastfeeding, temporary supplementation and formula-feeding
  15. Safe discharge instructions
  16. Video to WHO
  17. Neonatology conference video
  18. Fed is Best Series