2 thoughts on “Fed is Best Supplementation Guide

  1. Angela Ortiz says:

    I don’t understand a lot of this info, especially about the feeding tools like SNS and I am delivering at a baby friendly hosptial and now I’m petrified I won’t know what to do

    • Christie del Castillo-Hegyi MD says:

      Hi Angela, we can help. The fedisbest.org/resources page can help. There is a link to “how use an SNS.” The most important thing is, breastfeed first 15 minutes per breast, then supplement a half ounce at a time until baby is satisfied, usually 30-60 mL. Pump for any missed feedings. Follow your baby’s hunger cues. If baby is hungry again, breastfeed again 15 minutes per breast then supplement. You can choose any number of ways to feed. They have 12 mL periodontal syringes if you are worried about nipple confusion or a slow flow bottle. Before the WHO, mothers all over the world supplemented in the first days of life and still breastfed their babies. No hungry babies ever.

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