Laura’s Breastfeeding Story

Interview by Galit Romanelli, Founder of (M)

I founded (M)Other Milk because I felt I was ill-prepared for the struggles of breastfeeding. Ill-prepared, to say the least. I felt my mom had prepared me well for labor, telling me that it is called labor because that’s precisely what it is — hard work. Breastfeeding, however, was never really discussed. 

I was old enough to watch my mom lovingly breastfeed my younger brother, since there was a 12 year difference between us, and it never seemed like there was much to it. Just bring baby close, and off you go. 

I think this was part of what contributed greatly to my ultimate shock when I cried out in pain the first (and every time) my baby latched on. I was completely and utterly unprepared for pain, cracked nipples, low milk supply and overwhelming emotions when I realized this was an unpleasant experience (to say the least) and that my baby simply wasn’t getting what he needed. 

In hindsight, I think I nearly felt betrayed. How was it women, my mother included, were not sharing any of the challenges surrounding breastfeeding? 

As I began to source stories from fellow mothers, I realized there were so many stories, each unique and entirely different. Similar to birth, no two stories were the same. 

For World Breastfeeding Month, Fed is Best and (M)Other Milk are collaborating to share mothers feeding stories and showcase the diversity of experiences, to both inform, empower, and support moms across the globe to do what is right for them and their babies. We hope you enjoy this very first podcast.