My Baby Starved at Kaiser Permanente – I was told her newborn stomach was only 5 mL

Our daughter Amelia was born in 2016 at Kaiser Permanente in Irvine, California. During the first night I remember our daughter screaming and wailing…I remember my daughter screaming and I didn’t know what to do until another nurse came in and gave us some formula to give her, but she told me nurses at that hospital were not trained to formula feed and she told me to only give 5 ml. We were discharged four days later with our first pediatrician appointment the following day. We were still giving our baby 5 ml and feeding on demand as instructed. We found our daughter to be very lethargic during the night and when she would wake, she would cry non-stop. On the day of our first pediatrician appointment, our doctor was immediately alarmed at the amount of weight she had lost. She asked us how much we were feeding her and her jaw dropped. She told us that our daughter did not have colic; there is no such thing as colic in newborn. The reason she was crying is because she was starving.