Are Breastfeeding Messages Actually Hurting Mothers?

By Jamie Wells, M.D. — May 7, 2018

“At all costs” breastfeeding messages are a consistent refrain from policymakers to activist organizations. I would argue when they exclude discussion of formula, concomitant disease, realistic personal and infant challenges along with what is in the best interest of the family such well-intentioned directives are routinely misguided, even intellectually dishonest.”

“Women and families are not one-dimensional, treating them as such does more harm than good. There is no dispute that breast milk and feeding has innumerable benefits and is the gold standard. It should be supported. But, a healthy mother and a healthy baby is the goal – as well as a healthy family. Dismissing the reality that formula has also saved countless lives and can achieve this important goal is not helpful or supportive.”

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