I Am Celebrating 20 Months Of Combo-Feeding- Despite All Of The Lies Taught By My Hospital LC

Today, after 20 months of combination feeding, I gave my son his last bottle of milkies. I wasn’t able to keep my supply up after I stopped pumping at work. But I feel so proud of myself. 20 months of combo feeding. I made it 20 months!

When my son was born, I expressed concern about possible nursing problems because of my history of hormonal issues—but I was repeatedly dismissed. He lost 10% of his weight in the hospital. I was told that supplementing would basically end my breastfeeding relationship. That it would hurt my supply. I was instructed not to pump. I was told about tiny infant stomach sizes and that the constant crying and nursing was normal. I was told not to worry about insufficient feeding until day five. Well, by day five my son had lost 13% of his weight. That’s when we brought him back to the hospital.



After a weighted feed, we found that my milk hadn’t come in and that I was barely producing any colostrum. My son’s gums and tongue were dry. The nurse admitted he was a day away from hospitalization. She was one of the nurses I called in a panic after we got home. She taught the breastfeeding class and parenting class I attended before my son was born. She visited our room at the hospital several times after the birth. And she simply believed the lie that under supply is rare and that tummy size are tiny. I found out recently that the hospital is still teaching this. That same nurse who, after finally acknowledging my son’s drastic weight loss and recognizing that I actually did have supply issues, developed a triple feeding plan for us. It wasn’t until ten days after my son was born that my milk finally came in.

I was devastated to find out that I couldn’t exclusively breastfeed my son. And I was angry that my risk factors for low supply were ignored. Angry that despite my son’s obvious distress and significant weight loss, my concerns were dismissed. Angry that I was instructed that just one bottle would ruin any chance I had at breastfeeding.

I am now proud that I made it 20 months. 20 long months of combo feeding a child with dairy and soy allergies—despite being told my odds of doing so were pretty much impossible. I shouldn’t be the exception. Women are often told that long-term combination feeding just isn’t possible. It is possible for many of us, but not all of us. I know too many women who—like the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is finally acknowledging—believe that one bottle means “the horse is out of the barn” and that they might as well stop breastfeeding. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Sometimes I am asked, “If you truly believe formula is equal to breast milk, then why did you keep nursing despite your struggles?” To that I say, it’s what I wanted to do; it’s something I love doing. And that is good enough. I don’t need everyone to be exactly like me and to find meaning in what I love. I don’t need to feel superior. I don’t need to justify why I continued to nurse by denigrating someone else’s decision or inability to not do the same. One does not cheapen the other. Fed is best!


To learn how to prevent newborn feeding complications, please go to the following:

  • Resources for Parents – information on how to supplement while maintaining the breastfeeding relationship and how to closely monitor infants for underfeeding
  • Feeding Plan – a way to communicate your feeding preferences to your health providers
  • Weighing Protocol – a way to monitor your baby’s growth and prevent dehydration


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One thought on “I Am Celebrating 20 Months Of Combo-Feeding- Despite All Of The Lies Taught By My Hospital LC

  1. Julie Marcus says:

    Thank you all so much for the research and proof, that cannot be blown off by those that have no foundation for their lies!! It is frustrating how much weight WHO & UNICEF are still given for all of their grossly incorrect information!! It is such a gift to many mothers to be set free from the “bondage” of it has to the breast no matter what!! God bless!!

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