A Tube-feeding Mom Shares Her Story

Written by a mother who asked to remain anonymous

My daughter was born with a condition called PRS (Pierre Robin Sequence) she has a cleft pallet and a smaller then average chin, she was in the NICU for a month in a children’s hospital a few hours from home and had a feeding tube til she was 6 months old. I follow a group on Facebook with other families with children that have the same condition.

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Post Natal Depression (PND/PPD) & Fed is Best

As I begin, let me state plainly – I am an advocate for Perinatal Mental Health, I am not here to be an advocate for Breast Feeding or Formula Feeding. I am “pro” whatever is best for you and your family – only you, and yours, will know the right answer to that.

I have no interest in adding to the debate on “Breast is Best’, as I’m not sure it ever does anything other than draw in those who agree or disagree, firmly, with one side or the other.

My disclaimer is, I formula fed Reuben. For me, it was a lifeline. With that said, I stand for your rights, your hopes, your dream, and for whatever you deem best and most suitable for your circumstances. Continue reading

My Pumping Journey: Third Time’s a Charm

Written by  Morgan Patris

Morgan and her daughter (Credit: Brandon Burton Photography)

My pumping journey started a little over 7 years ago in 2009, when I had my first son. I didn’t
even last a full six weeks. It was hard, he had colic and cried all the time, he was either gassy or constipated, and it was all around a complete disaster.

Being a new mom is difficult to start with and to add all of that, little support just sets one up for failure. Two years later when I had my second son, I told myself I would give it another shot.

Same results. Except this time I had a crazy two year old running around and a content little baby who never cried. Once again, I never made it past six weeks. Continue reading